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Our Shropshire Stories

the story of edith and edward, by christina gallen,

st john's primary school, bridgnorth

on her lap. He would eat from her hand. And the Queen suddenly noticed that he was like her husband: caring, generous and clever. Edith did all she could for her people as she knew that Edward her husband was watching her from heaven. She often went to the village and every one stopped to admire her beauty. Mostly, they admired how strict but fair she was. When she went to town she saw people fighting and did not like it. That is when she took her decision to make a serious and very strict announcement. She said that from now on if there are more fights you will be spotted by the bravest knights and be taken to prison for 10 years. People got scared and

In a palace far away, in the village of Kinlet, there lived a Queen called Queen Edith. She was slender and beautiful. She had gentle green eyes that glimmered in the sun. She was always smiley. Her hair was grey – but it looked silver in the sunlight. She wore a red cloak and a beautiful shiny sparkling crown that everyone thought was the best. She used to live with her husband. His name was Sam. But that name is not good for a King, so he changed it to Edward. He was happy and smiley like his dazzling wife. He was kind and gentle and generous. He was very clever and cared about the world. He was always gleeful and content and was always by the side of his Queen, because he was in love with the queen. Sadly, he became too old and died. Edith was very sad, and never got over it. She lived on her own but bought a hedgehog instead for company. She named her hedgehog Edward the second. The hedgehog was so friendly and he was trained to sit


obeyed… Years passed and the Queen was getting older, she was getting quieter. As she was quieter people started to disobey her announcement. The bravest knights decided to protect the rules of her announcement. They fought the people who were nasty and had vulgar language. They took the bad people to prison. The prison was smelly was dark and gloomy. People hated the prison but never said it to the Queen. The Queen did not want the people to suffer. She only wanted them to understand her announcement. So she thought of a clever plan. She decided that the prisoners who came into the ugly prison can stay in with Edward the 2nd for a week. When they started fighting, Edward pointed his spikes at them so they got scared and they stopped being mean to each other. When they were good, the hedgehog let them stroke him so they became friends. So then the Queen would let them go out of the prison. This way Kinlet became the best village with the best people ever.

this story was inspired by the place-name kinlet - to find out more, click here.

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