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Our Shropshire Stories

the story of the lurkenhope witch, by thomas jeggo,

market drayton junior school

his descendants came back from Africa to see the people of Brompton. The End. Epilogue: When Ben grew up and became a farmer he gave his fields names and one was called Aeddan’s Nook which was later renamed to Dragon’s Nook.

comes from his rainbow blood and cream coloured spikes. This is why he is hunted by a 2 billion- and one-year old witch called Patreeka, who wants his power for herself so she can take over the world and never be bossed around by anyone again! The aggressive, ugly, potion making witch Patreeka doesn't like Bobith because he is more powerful than her and has hunted her kind before time began. He is the ruler and protector of Lurkenhope, so everyone living there looks out for him and keeps him safe as well as him protecting them from all things like other evil dragons, the witch Patreeka and the black and brown bears that live in the forest near Bobith’s caves of wonder. Patreeka sets out to take his power into her possession by cutting off his spikes and draining his rainbow blood from his body during a lightning storm. She decides to achieve this by going to his cave secretly every night for seven nights to be certain he is there and plan her attack. Local people notice that the witch keeps on going down to the caves and they are scared they will lose their dragon protector. They know how she feels about his awesome powers and that she has always thought they should be hers. Patreeka’s trips to Bobith’s cave do not go unnoticed and the people of Lurkenhope start to wonder what she is doing there. On the eighth night, the villagers were on guard, ready and waiting for Patreeka to appear. Little did she know, they had been watching her and made their own surprise plans to bait her in by putting a fake painting of a red spiked dragon in Bobith’s cave near the orchard to lure her towards an invisible cage made by the dragon himself. When Patreeka mounted her attack… BOOM! Down came the cage and Patreeka was caught red handed! The witch was taken to the town jail of Lurkenhope. When she arrived, she had a question how long she would be there until she realised, she was sentenced for life because she tried to do a really naughty thing! The dragon feels a lot safer now that the witch has been sentenced for life in the towns jail. Perhaps it’s time to go on holiday and meet his family.


In the ancient forest, hidden caves of Lurkenhope, there lives a Red Spiked Dragon named Bobith. He is an extremely spiky dragon and quite fat from eating lots of apples, but somehow is a very fast flyer. The Red Spiked Dragons have been in existence for thousands of years. Bobith made a sacrifice to leave his Red Spiked Dragon family and be protector of Lurkenhope. He is so fast at flying that all you see is a flash of very dark red colour. If you saw him, he would probably scare you, but he would not scare the people of Lurkenhope because he

is their protector. He has great power which

this story was inspired by the place-name lurkenhope - to find out more, click here.

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