Downloadable resources for use in the classroom or at home

These resources have been created by the Institute for Name-Studies at the University of Nottingham, and they are still under development. They have been designed with Key Stage 2 pupils in mind, but could be appropriate for younger children, with some supervision.

We welcome any feedback that will help us to make improvements - please email Susan Kilby at We'd also love to see pictures of your creations, which, if you like, we can post on our website for others to see!

Resources for Schools

1. Shropshire Hills and Mountains

The Anglo-Saxons had an extensive vocabulary to describe hills and mountains. Find out why that was by building 3D models of four Shropshire hills and mountains. This exciting resource pack provides downloadable instructions, mountain templates and images of the hills, so that you can see what you're constructing. All you'll need is a printer, paper, cardboard, scissors and glue! Have fun!

Instructions for download: Shropshire Hills and Mountains

Stottesdon Contour Map

Heath Mynd Contour Map

Wentnor Contour Map

View Edge Contour Map

Images: Shropshire Hills and Mountains

Model: Heath Mynd

Model: Wentnor

2. Shropshire Animals, Past and Present

Lots of Shropshire place-names reveal the presence of animals, birds, fish and insects in the Anglo-Saxon landscape. Some of these may surprise you, as they are no longer found in Great Britain. This exciting resource pack provides downloadable instructions alongside a set of Anglo-Saxon animal flashcards. All you'll need is a printer and paper - a laminator would be useful, but is not essential. Have fun!

Instructions for download: Shropshire Animals, Past and Present

Shropshire Animals Flashcards

3. Human Geography: Work in Medieval Shropshire

Because place-names are often hundreds of years old, they can tell us all sorts of things about the medieval world. This cross-curricular resource pack focuses on work in Shropshire, and includes downloadable instructions for a series of exercises, three sets of flashcards, and a map of work-related Shropshire place-names. This module looks at Shrewsbury street-names as well as Shropshire place-names, and helps children to reconstruct the human geography of Shropshire's medieval past. 

Flashcards: Modern Occupations

RS Map 3: Medieval Jobs in Shropshire

Flashcards: Shrewsbury Street-Names

RS 3:


Instructions for download: Work

in Medieval


Flashcards: Goods

We'll be adding more resources soon - keep checking this page!

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