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Learning the Landscape Through Language

Place-Names and Childhood Education

We are delighted to confirm the launch of our new project Learning the Landscape through Language: Place-Names and Childhood Education. The project, managed by members of the Institute for Name-Studies (INS) at the University of Nottingham, is a one-year initiative aiming to bring together university staff and education and learning professionals in Shropshire to explore and develop ways of enhancing childhood learning through the use of place-name material. Place-names offer fantastic insights into the development of landscape and local identity and have the potential to contribute to the curriculum in a variety of ways.

The project is scheduled to run until the end of June 2021, and training will take place in January and February 2020. This will include a follow-up session in which teachers can feedback their ideas to us, so that we can then produce resources that will meet their requirements. We are very keen to hear from teaching professionals who might be interested in participating in this exciting project, and we very much look forward to working with you to develop resources that are designed specifically for the benefit of Shropshire children. 

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Why Shropshire?

At the Institute for Name-Studies, we've been working on Shropshire place-names for decades, and we'd like to share our research in ways that are meaningful for Shropshire educators and students.
Shropshire shares a border with Wales, and its place-names can reveal information about historical languages, identity, community and migration.
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