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Our Shropshire Stories

the five bears of barrats field, by noah hamer,

market drayton junior school

Forest and Barrats Field'. Through the bears late night walks they knew that they lived on Barrats Field. In the night, the bears heard crunchy footsteps nearby. The bears feared for their lives knowing the forest was shut down for the cruel hunters. The footsteps got closer. They got faster and faster. The bears ran away. But was it too late? The hunters had sneakily got them cornered. The five bears stood still as statues. Their hearts beating like steam trains. An eerie silence echoed around the forest. But for some reason the hunters didn’t shoot. In fact, they stroked the bears gently and took them back to their office. The bears were so perplexed by what was happening. They put the bears details into a computer and gave the bears identity bracelets to wear to keep track of them. The bears couldn’t believe their luck when they took them safely back to Barrats Field. In fact, they weren’t hunters at all! Next month, the Gobi Bear Foundation was launched, trying to save the other fifteen lucky bears to treat them well then release them back into the wild.

Once upon a time, there were five bears. They lived on Barrats Field, in a beautiful cave full of berries, leaves, roots and insects. One day a crumpled newspaper blew into their cave. Luckily, the type of bear they are means they can read skilfully. Whilst reading their newspaper, they came across an article that stated 'There are 20 Gobi Bears left in the world. We are sending out a group of feisty hunters to catch at least five of them. They’re normally found in caves in deep, dark forests'. Next to the headline was a picture identical to the bears. They were endangered! One week later, another article came saying 'We have released the hunters. Three hunters will be given a place each in Shropshire: Mortimer Forest, Clun

Sleeping Bear.png
Sitting Bear.png

this story was inspired by the place-name barratts field, in ashford carbonel - to find out more, click here.

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